Machine Learning and Optimization

Machine Learning and Optimization Research Group

Scientific research of our group focuses on the development of modern algorithms of artificial intelligence. We are particularly interested in methods of machine learning and optimization using nature-inspired metaheuristics. More detailed areas of our research are:

  • Deep learning and neural networks
  • Face recognition with local patterns
  • Ensemble classification
  • Evolutionary and memetic computation
  • Multiobjective optimization
  • Game theory in machine learning and optimization
  • Fuzzy methods for time series analysis
  • Data intensive computing


Leader: dr hab. inż. Michał Bereta

Scopus Author ID: 36757629000




dr hab. Joanna Kołodziej, Professor at the Cracow University of Technology

Cracow University of Technology

NASK – Research and Academic Computer Network, Warsaw

dr inż. Paweł Jarosz

Cracow University of Technology

dr Adam Marszałek

Cracow University of Technology

Research projects

cHiPSet (COST Horizon2020 IC1406) –

BalticSatApps (InterReg)


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