SiMoDatAn: Simulation, Modelling and Data Analytics – intelligent methods and models in data-intensive computing

Following Shannon’s definition of a model,  modeling constructs a conceptual framework that describes a system. It represents the objects in that system or an idea in some form other than that of the entity itself. The system can have multiple contradictory models. Using the appropriate model allows us to make decisions, even when the situation is complex or resources are limited.

A system simulation is the operation of a model representing that system. We use simulation when the model is amenable to manipulation, which would be impossible, too expensive, or too impractical to perform on the system it portrays. The operation of the model can be studied, and from this, properties concerning the behaviour of the existing system can be inferred.

In recent years, data research has been highly fragmented. Many bodies, public and private, academia and research institutions make many investments. But those results need to feed off each other and cross-fertilise. 

„Big Data” (and data-intensive computing) is a paradigm in data mining. Diversity and complexity require new architecture, techniques, algorithms, and analytics to manage and extract value and hidden knowledge from this scale.

SiMoDatAn  is amultidisciplinary research group and the Cracow University of Technology and an international forum for the exchange of research ideas and results, knowledge-technology transfer, new models and methodologies development, academia-industry trade-off and interesting recent developments in Big Data, Data Intensive Computing, Modelling and Simulation.

SiMoDatAn topics include but are not restricted to the following ones:

● Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in data-intensive computing

● Cybersecurity (anomaly detection in data, attack detection in computing networks, attack emulation, cryptographic-based methods, intrusion detection systems)

● Blockchain

● Energy awareness in Big Data and distributed computing systems

● Data pre-processing and Data Analytics

● Sentiment analysis

● Applications (finance, e-health, smart city, smart transportation, climate changes, green energy)

● Models of Data Intensive (DI) enabling infrastructures and middleware

● Parallel programming models for DI problems

● DI management and processing models in large-scale distributed systems

● Algorithms and applications for Big Data and DI Computing

● Network architectures to support DI analytics 

● Big Data and DI visualization techniques

● Big Data storage and management in the cloud, many clouds and fog systems

SiMoDatAn –  main activities

  • Support to departmental doctoral school (possible international programmes for students)
  • Organization of workshops and active participation (organization) in the conferences
  • Joint publications
  • Joint projects
  • Open repository of the achievemments (for sharing)
  • Dissemination activities

Group Founder and Leader:

Joanna Kołodziej , PhD DsC, Prof. at CUT, is the Professor of Computer Science at the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) Institute in Warsaw and the Department of Computer Sciences at Cracow University of Technology (CUT). She was a funder and leader of „Computational Intelligence and Cybersecurity” Research Group at CUT until October 2019. Prof. Kolodziej is the President of the Polish Chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. She participated in several international and national projects, including ECONET, 7FP and PARAPHRASE 7FP Grants. From 2015-2019, she was the Chair of the cHiPSet Cost Action IC1406 ( – the largest ICT cost European project. Recently, she was the national coordinator of the GUARD H2020 project and an Advisory Board Member of the PANELFIT H2020 project. She is a member of the EU Blockchain Partnership Society. Her research is focused on security aspects and energy awareness in resource management and data scheduling in clouds, cloud and edge computing, cybersecurity aspects in ICT systems and recently – blockchain technologies. For more information, please visit:

Webpage:  TBC

Group members

Cracow University of Technology

Dr hab. inż. Prof. PK Jacek Leśkow

Dr Olaf Bar

Dr inż. Anna Plichta

Dr inż Andrzej Wilczyński

Dr inż. Adam Marszałek

Mrg inż. Piotr Szuster

Mgr inż. Piotr Biskup

Other Institutions (list still incomplete)

NASK (Michał Marks, Mateusz Krzysztoń, Anna Felkner)

Ailleron (Jakub Porzycki, Michał Walerowski, Maciej Kasprzak) 

International Partners (list is still incomplete)

Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Sabri Pllana, Forschung Burgenland, Austria

Zuzanna Kominkova-Oplatkova, University of Zlin, Czech Republic

Francesco Palmieri, University of Salerno, Italy

Salvatore Vitabile, University of Palermo, Italy

Katarzyna Węgrzyn-Wolska, EFREI Recherche Lab, France

Martin Gilje Jaatun, SINTEF Digital, Norway

Florin Pop, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Ciprian Dobre, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Adriana Chis, National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


Prof. Joanna Kolodziej 

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